When life gets too busy, hand the leash to us...

While you are on vacation or on a business trip, you can rest assured that your pets are in loving and professional hands.

Pet Sitting

In-home care eliminates both the risk of them contracting illness from other pets and the stress to both of you in transporting them to another location. We play and socialize with your pets, giving them focused care to help them adjust better to your absence.

Your pet will get consistent and personalized care. We will come to know your pet well and become a welcome friend. It's more convenient for you as you won't have to find the time to drop off or pick up your pet from a kennel. Your pet will be home, waiting at the door to greet you when you come home!


There are many more benefits to leaving your cat in her home environment. Cats like to keep to their habits and don't usually embrace change! Familiar home surroundings are better and less stressful for them than strange ones, even though you are not there. That is where we come in. Avid cat-lovers who are very familiar with their likes and dislikes, we can provide them a normal routine, along with care and attention, so that they thrive in your absence.

Each visit includes feeding, play time and cuddle time.


There are similar benefits to leaving your dog in his/her home environment when you are away, to be cared for by someone who will know their habits and preferences and give them the attention that they are used to. They can keep to their normal routine and contentedly await your return. Please let us know what you need!


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